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  • BOX 7153 RENO, NV 89510-7153 USA
  • 1-800- 255-4925

It's Easy To Place An Ad In Deals & Wheels

Bring Your Item & a brief 15 word description to one of our many photo taking locations (click the PDF below). $30 Color ad runs for 3 months, 6 issues. (Excludes Real Estate, Business, Dealer or Commercial Ads). Ad will be placed in our paper and on our website. Any verbiage over 15 words will incur a $.25 charge per word over the 15. Phone numbers & price count as a words. NO DUPLICATES (We have the right to refuse any ad)

Picture Taking Locations Dates & Times:

Click here to view our locations in PDF FORMAT.

If You Cannot Come To Our Picture Taking Locations, or if your vehicle or item cannot be moved, (no license, no insurance, no time, or etc.) we will travel to your location to take the picture. A minimum $20 service charge will be added to cover the mileage & photographer’s time. For an appointment, call 324 -1458 (Reno area) or toll free 1-800-255 4925.


If You Have Your Own Photo, you can mail it or bring it to one of our many picture taking locations listed to the right. All Polaroid Color photos will work. No slides,negatives or copies. DO NOT CUT, CROP OR ALTER PHOTOS. The price for each ad is $30 (Color) & that includes 15 words for each ad.  Any verbiage over 15 words will incur a $.25 charge per word and should be included in your check. No photos will be returned unless a self addressed stamped envelope is included. Mail your photo to:


P.O. BOX 7153
RENO, NV 89510-7153


To E-Mail Your Photo: Send your ad (15 word description) & your picture attachment to Confirmation of receipt by e-mail. All ads will be placed in our paper and on the Internet. We will contact you for a credit card payment.

Color Ads

Color Ads:  $30 Until it sells or 3 months.(whichever comes first) (Excludes Real Estate, Business, Dealer or Commercial Ads) includes 15 words, Any verbiage over 15 words will incur a $.25 charge per word over the 15. The publisher will select from all the color ads submitted for that issue the one suitable for the cover based on photo quality, asking price & under 15 words. It will also be placed on the internet. Think of the coverage you’ll get!!


To Rerun Your Ad: Call us OR email us with the date your ad ran, page number & phone number that was used in the ad to the address shown above.

Web Ads

Web Ads: When you place a color ad with Deals & Wheels, we’ll place it on the internet for 3 months at no extra charge. Think of the world-wide coverage you’ll get!


We will only compensate if the negligence is ours. In so far as the error in our judgement, materially affects the content & advertising value of the ad. The total liability will not exceed the correcting and rerunning of the ad in the very next issue. Notice: No refunds after the picture is taken or your ad is received at our office. A $5 charge for any changes made after the ad has been placed or received.($15 charge on any returned check).